Trailer park neighbors accused of ‘soliciting’ free help

KELSO, Wash. (KOIN) — Helping out a neighbor in need will get you in trouble at one Washington mobile home park.

A group of neighbors at the Tim Wa Estates calling themselves the Helping Hands were reprimanded by park managers after they handed out flyers offering lesser-abled elderly neighbors help with gardening, yard work and cooking.

Park managers said the group’s activities violated rules against soliciting.

“It feels like they are stabbing me in the back for doing something nice,” said resident Shirley Smith, who cooks for her neighbors who are incapable.

“It isn’t doing anything wrong I don’t charge money,” said Helping Hands member Bob Smith.

Soliciting is banned in the mobile home park, and management issued members of the group a letter indicating continuing to hand out the fliers would be considered tresspassing.

Residents allege the crackdown is motivated by park management’s desire to have the work contracted out to family members.

“He resents us for helping people because we’re taking away business from him,” claims resident Carol Hughart.

Members of the group hired an attorney to protect themselves, they said.


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