Card skimmers target Kelso gas station

KELSO, Wash. (KOIN 6) — People who filled up at one Kelso, Wash. gas station are being asked to check their account balances after dozens of customers had their debit card information stolen by card skimmers.

Theives attached a credit card skimmer to pumps outside the popular H & I gas station at 1221 Rose Valley Road in Kelso, according to police.

One customer, Chris Charles, said the owner of the gas station is furious.

“She just gets fired up because she knows a lot of these people out here and they’re like family to her so when you steal from her family she’s going to get a little fired up,” he said.

How to prevent card theft

Inspect the card reader when you pay at the pump
Look for anything that may have been attached to the reader
Compare the reader to those at other pumps
Check if the color of the card reader matches the pump
Use the credit option — don’t enter your pin unless you have to

Customer Jason Searing said he does not use cards at the pumps.

“I always use cash,” he said.

Anyone who used the H & I pumps and notices a discrepancy on their statement is asked to call the Cowlitz County’s Sheriff’s office.

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