Hot weather brings warnings

The sun comes up over the Columbia River in Oregon May 1, 2014.
The sun comes up over the Columbia River in Oregon May 1, 2014.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — People flocked to the outdoors to enjoy record-breaking weather, with highs expected up to 87 degrees farenheit.

But, the beautiful weather doesn’t come without warnings

OHSU E.R. Dr. Bor y Kea said protecting yourself against the sun, which involves seeking shade, staying hydrated wearing sunscreen and wearing long sleeves, is crucial.

Staying cool has its dangers, too. Thursday, officials issued a warning against cooling off in Oregon waters.

Local rivers including the Columbia, Willamette and Yamhill are still dangerously cold, and Fire and Rescue crews strongly advise against entering the water.

Some rivers are as much as 40 degrees farenheit colder than the air temperature.

Without proper protection, like a wet suit, the human body shuts down in cold water, fire officials said.

Fire agencies said even the strongest swimmers will experience difficulty treading water or swimming in local rivers this time of year due to both temperatures and currents.

While a life jacket is advisable, it does not provide enough heat to keep the body warm.

People out enjoying the nice weather are reminded to stay hydrated with water, not alcohol, near bodies of water.


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