Screaming, fighting: group home concerns neighbors

A group home on Northwest 78th street and 10th Ave in Vancouver, Wash. April 30, 2014. (KOIN)
A group home on Northwest 78th street and 10th Ave in Vancouver, Wash. April 30, 2014. (KOIN)

VANCOUVER, Wash. (KOIN) — A group home that caters to people with mental health and addictions issues is troubling residents of one Vancouver neighborhood.

Clark County sheriff’s deputies said they have been called to the NW 78th street and 10th Avenue property — which houses between five and 14 people — 28 times in the past four months.

Officials say there’s little they can do to find a more permanent solution.

“They’ve had people over there who have mental disorders where they get very angry, and somewhat violent and they’ll start throwing things around on the porch and screaming, and really scares the children,” said neighbor Crystal Baye.

When a resident of the house walked into Baye’s home, she called 911.

Another neighbor, Kevin Walton, said he hears screaming, yelling, fighting and swearing coming from the house regularly.

“The cops are over there maybe, two to three times a day,” he said.

Homeowner Catherine Cook said she is helping people with nowhere else to go.

“We don’t want to have to move, but like, if our children continue to be afraid to live here, it may be something we’re going to end up to have to consider,” Cook said.

Southwest Washington Behavioral Health said there are no rules or licensing restrictions.

“There’s no requirement for a private homeowner who rents to people with mental health issues,” a spokesperson said.

Wednesday, Clark County deputies attended the house to take a resident to the hospital for a mental health crisis after an argument with another resident.

A Clark County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson said, “law enforcement can go out here over and over and over again, and there’s not a whole lot we can do with it.”

KOIN 6 will continue to investigate.

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