Report: half of Portland’s roads in poor condition

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN 6) — The Portland Bureau of Transportation’s annual report on the city roads revealed half of all roads in the city are in poor or very poor condition.

The results issued on Tuesday gave city leaders more reasons to seriously consider a plan to charge everyone in Portland a street fee.

Commissioner Steve Novick said street fees are working in other communities.

“Tigard has a special street fee. If you look at Clackamas County, Oregon City has a special street fee. They came to the same conclusion, which is the funding we’re getting from the gas tax just isn’t enough to keep up,” said Novick.

Novick said the proposed fee would either be $8 or $12 a month. The collected money would then be used to repair roads, street lights and signs.

Commissioner Novick said the lack of sidewalks is also a major concern.

The report also showed Portland’s bridges are in much better shape despite many needing upgrades in order to withstand a moderate earthquake.

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