Parents sue over lacrosse player’s suspension

Wilson High School lacrosse player Jackson Fletcher, in an undated team photo.
Wilson High School lacrosse player Jackson Fletcher, in an undated team photo.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – The parents of a Wilson High School lacrosse player filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn his suspension because he intended to buy alcohol during school hours.

The student, Jackson Fletcher, never actually bought any alcohol for anyone. But the school issued a 28-day sport suspension.

Wilson High School administrators describe Fletcher, a junior, as flippant when they questioned him about his involvement in a plan to buy alcohol.

His response, they said: “We’ve gotta get our stuff from somewhere.”

In a brief filed with the court that will hear the case the district said Fletcher smiled and joked during the meeting and said the 28-day sports suspension he faced didn’t apply to him because lacrosse is a club sport.

When he was informed otherwise, administrators said his demeanor changed.

Court papers reveal the school found out about the plan to buy alcohol through text messages exchanged among several students, including Fletcher.

The district maintains Fletcher was the one who would buy the alcohol. Although the plan was talked about through text messages, one student who spoke with KOIN 6 News with off-camera  said no alcohol was ever bought.

Fletcher’s family filed the suit in district court to lift the suspension because, they say, the school’s unfair conduct will jeopardize his chances of getting a lacrosse scholarship.

Neither the Fletchers nor the school district was willing to speak on camera with KOIN 6 News.

But in a statement, the district said, “Our discipline policy allows for an appeal and a discussion of discipline. We strongly believe that our actions and decisions in this case were reasonable and fair.”

The hearing is set for Tuesday afternoon in Multnomah County District Court.

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