Mom confronts intruder after 37 failed 911 calls

SEATTLE, Wash. (KOIN) — A Seattle woman who couldn’t get through to 911 dispatchers during a Comcast service disruption Thursday morning throughout Washington state was forced to confront a stranger in her living room.

During the system outage, mother-of-two Alicia Cappola tried to call 911 thirty-seven times unsuccessfully, while an intruder was in her home.

“You call 911 and they come and they save you. And they weren’t going to come and save me,” she said.

She armed herself with a knife and while her children slept in another bedroom.

Cappola wasn’t attacked, and by the time she reached an officer, the intruder was gone.

Service was down for at least seven hours, and NORCOM deputy director Mike Mandella said he has never seen an outage of this scope before.

“When the phone lines don’t work, we’re dead in the water, and we’re very anxious,” he said.

Century Link, the company at the center of the crisis, apologized publicly for the outage, and said in a statement staff are working to ensure the prevention of another outage.

Cappola said the company’s answer is not good enough.

“How many people were in serious situations where they couldn’t get someone? I mean it’s terrifying,” she said.

“It’s so scary to need 911 and it’s busy.”

Century Link’s Kerry Zimmer said the problem started in Oregon and rolled into Washington early Thursday morning.

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