Airbnb could force out renters, neighborhood group says

A Portland home, advertised on Airbnb, shown April 4, 2014. (Airbnb)
A Portland home, advertised on Airbnb, shown April 4, 2014. (Airbnb)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A local neighborhood association is concerned a recent move by the City of Portland to consider allowing online subletting company Airbnb into the city could negatively impact long-term renters.

The Rose City Park Neighborhood Association is concerned the company, which allows homeowners and renters to rent out their rooms to visitors, will push out people who depend on affordable rental stock.

“The Short Term Rental amendment clumsily attempts to provide an opportunity for this type of use to be used by property owners to enable them to afford to age in place,” reads the letter.

“Instead it offers a wolf in sheep’s clothing for those who allow themselves to be taken in by this use.

The group sent a nine-page letter to the city outlining their concerns about proposed changes to the zoning code that would permit Airbnb to operate.

Currently, bylaws technically prohibit people from renting out their homes via Airbnb without a permit.

Last month, Mayor Charlie Hales announced Airbnb will be opening its international headquarters in Portland, bringing with it 160 jobs.

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