Portland tech company offers to fix Cover Oregon website

PORTLAND, Ore. (THE TRIBUNE) — Citing technical problems with the website, Governor John Kitzhaber has granted Oregonians a one month extension to apply for Cover Oregon without facing a penalty —  but one local tech company is offering the state one better.

Metal Toad Media founder Joaquin Lippincott said his team of 30 people can fix the glitch-riddled Cover Oregon website in six months at a cost of $10 million, and he’s put the offer to Governor Kitzhaber.

Software issues have prevented many Oregonians from enrolling in the program.

The firm will even give the money back if the fix doesn’t work, said Lippincott.

“I put it out there and I believe in our strong ability to deliver locally,” he said.

“When you’re putting your money where your mouth is it’s a lot more credible.”

The state hired multinational tech giant Oracle to design the Cover Oregon website, for $70 million.

Metal Toad Media has not gotten a response back from the governor’s office.

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