Portland police to spend more time in 20 locations

(MGN Online)
(MGN Online)

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – Though the crime rate is down, the Portland Police Bureau has identified 20 areas of the city that need more attention and will receive it.

Officers will visit each of the hotspots several times a day, generally for 10 to 15 minutes spans.

Chief Michael Reese said in a statement Tuesday the goal of the initiative is to carve out time for officers to “positively engage” with members of the community who live and work in places that have a high volume of crime or livability concerns.

The neighborhoods that will get more attention are located throughout the city, from Goose Hollow and downtown to outer southeast and up to North Portland.

Below is a complete list of the expanded program neighborhood locations, which include 20 locations in 25 different Portland neighborhoods:

  • Brentwood-Darlington/Lents – Southeast 82nd Avenue & Malden Street
  • Cully – Northeast 72nd Avenue & Killingsworth Street
  • Cully – Northeast Cully Boulevard & Killingsworth Street
  • Downtown – Southwest 1st Avenue & Salmon Street
  • Downtown – Southwest 5th Avenue & Hall Street
  • Goose Hollow/Northwest District – West Burnside Street & 22nd Avenue
  • Hazelwood – 13700 block of Southeast Stark Street
  • Hazelwood/Glenfair – East Burnside Street & 148th Avenue
  • Hosford-Abernethy/Creston-Kenilworth – Southeast 28th Place & Powell Boulevard
  • Humboldt/Boise – North Michigan Avenue and Prescott Street
  • Kenton – North Denver Avenue & Kilpatrick Street
  • Lents/Foster-Powell – Southeast 82nd Avenue & Raymond Court
  • Lents – Southeast 92nd Avenue & Flavel Street
  • Lloyd District/Eliot – Northeast Broadway & Victoria Avenue
  • Montavilla – Southeast 82nd Avenue & Washington Street
  • Pearl/Old Town/Chinatown – 800 block of Northwest 6th Avenue
  • Powellhurst-Gilbert/Mill Park – Southeast 112th Avenue & Division Street
  • Russell/Parkrose Heights – Northeast 122nd Avenue & San Rafael Street
  • St. Johns – 6800 block of North Fessenden Street
  • Woodlawn/King – Northeast MLK Jr. Boulevard & Ainsworth Street

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