Kenton retailers not thrilled with pot shop

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Oregon law prevents medical marijuana facilities within 1000 feet of a school but there is nothing to stop a pot dispensary from opening near a library or community center.

For a business to sell alcohol, there’s a 30-day period where neighbors and businesses can weigh in about a license. That’s not the case for a pot dispensary.

And businesses near the Kenton neighborhood library claim that is not right. They are upset a proposed medical marijuana facility across the street from the library will undo their years of work trying to clean up the street.

They worry about having the main retail strip filled with booze and pot and what that will bring.

The owner of the property where the dispensary may go told KOIN 6 News the facility will help the community. She said she’s been planning to open it for three years and said it will be the only one in Kenton.

The other businesses owners in the neighborhood said they have no problem with a pot dispensary, but just feel enough is enough.

“North Portland has a pretty high volume of marijuana dispensaries,” said Jessie Burke of Posie’s Bakery and Cafe.

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