Lupoli no longer under supervision

Tyler Lupoli in a photo circa 2011 (KOIN 6 News file)
Tyler Lupoli in a photo circa 2011 (KOIN 6 News file)

FOREST GROVE, Ore. (KOIN) — Convicted sex offender Tyler Lupoli is no longer under supervision and is free to move about the community.

Lupoli’s case gained attention when he was convicted of sexually abusing four girls under the age of 8. He was caught on a surveillance camera at the Hillsboro 24 Hour Fitness sexually abusing young girls in the day care area.

The other twist in the case is that he changed his name and went back to that location.

He has to register within the next 10 days as a sex offender and will be staying with a family member in Forest Grove.

Lupoli is considered a moderate- to high re-offender but not a predator. That means community members will not be notified if he moves into their neighborhood.

The father of one victim told KOIN 6 News Monday that’s concerning.

“After his court case got overturned, he legally changed his name and literally going and working out at the exact gym where he commits those crimes is another huge red flag,” the father said.

Prison officials said said he is not considered a predator.

Michael Mollahan of the Washington County Corrections Department said the decision not to label him a predator comes down to a risk assessment, but that Lupoli did not present behavior indicative of re-offending.

But he is required to let “local law enforcement know where he’s at,” Mollahan said. “That would move to a registry statewide which is picked up by state police.”

Lupoli can legally change his name again if he chooses, but he must re-register under that new name.

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