Seattle getting Rainier Beer ‘R’ back

The original Rainier Beer Co. "R" in Seattle. (Undated image,

SEATTLE (KIRO) — A replica of the Rainier Beer “R” will soon be atop the former brewery now owned by Tully’s Coffee.

Tully’s announced it will be removing its green Tully’s “T” atop the building later this month in order to allow for the re-installation of a red neon Rainier Brewing Co. “R,” which is an iconic symbol for Seattle.

“We are thrilled to do our part to help put the iconic Rainier ‘R’ back where it belongs after all of these years,” Michael Avenatti, chairman of Global Baristas, LLC, the new owners of Tully’s, said in a statement. “The Rainier ‘R’ has deep historical meaning to the Seattle community, and from the moment we began pursuing the purchase of Tully’s, we were hopeful we could help facilitate the return of the ‘R.’”

The “R” was part of the Seattle skyline for about 50 years before it was replaced by the “T” in 2000 by Tully’s prior owners.

Western Neon, based in Seattle, is fabricating the 12-foot replica neon “R” for installation sometime in November.

The original Rainier “R” is at Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry and will remain on display in the Faye G. Allen Grand Atrium artifact grid.

— KOIN’s Seattle television partner, KIRO-TV, originated this report. The report can be found online at

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