PPB: Enough graffiti to give 2 cops a beat

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Portland police are defending the work of two officers who have full-time jobs investigating graffiti.

8-14-13-graffiti team roof-ppb facebook
Portland’s graffiti investigators collect evidence on a paint-printed W. Burnside rooftop. (Portland Police Bureau, courtesy Facebook)

The Portland Police Bureau recently posted photos on Facebook showing a recent graffiti team investigation.

A police spokesperson told KOIN 6 News there’s enough graffiti in Portland to keep these officers busy. Graffiti is a hot-button issue in Portland, and one of the main complaints at community meetings.

“Graffiti on your wall is art,” said Portland Police Sgt. Pete Simpson. “Graffiti on my wall is a crime, if I didn’t give you permission to do it.”

Marcia Dennis, the city of Portland’s graffiti abatement coordinator, previously told KOIN 6 News graffiti cleanup costs the city about $3 million every year in clean-up costs. And, police said, it’s an important crime to investigate — because extensive tagging can rise to the level of a felony crime.

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