4 bottle bombs found at Sherwood school

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Police report they’ve found four bottle bombs at Laurel Ridge Middle School in Sherwood.

Police response came after a neighbor called 911 to report seeing some suspicious activity at the school. When officers arrived, they called in explosives experts.

As of 5 p.m. Wednesday, two of the bottle bombs — homemade explosives made from household ingredients in a plastic bottle — have been deactivated. Authorities said the other two didn’t work.

Bottle bomb materials and what are being described as “malfunctioned bottles” found at a Sherwood middle school Aug. 14, 2013. (Courtesy Sherwood Police)

“[T]he remaining two bottles appeared to have malfunctioned when the suspect(s) tried detonating them,” the city of Sherwood reported. “All of them were rendered safe by the [Metro Explosive Disposal Unit].”

Area residents may have heard loud explosions when the two bottle bombs were set off.

“There has been an alarming trend the past few years with improvised explosives, like ‘bottle bombs,’ being made and left lying in areas where people could pick them up and activate the ingredients causing an explosion,” the city of Sherwood said in a news release Wednesday afternoon. “These types of bombs are easily made with everyday household items and are very dangerous.”

Citizens are reminded to never touch any odd-looking or suspicious plastic bottles with liquid in it, as these could pose serious danger. Any person who comes across such a bottle should immediately dial 911 and request police response.

The Sherwood Police Department is actively investigating this case and is seeking any help the public may have in identifying those responsible for the manufacturing of these devices. Tipsters can call Sherwood’s non-emergency police phone, at 503.629.0111.


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