Boy, 4, shot self; Wash. suspect surrenders

7-21-13-trevor braymiller-kiro-facebook
Trevor Braymiller in a Facebook profile image aired on KIRO-TV in connection to this case. (KIRO-TV, Facebook)

SEATTLE (AP) — A convicted felon sought by law enforcement agencies in Washington state after a 4-year-old died of a gunshot wound at a small town home has surrendered.

Police in Sedro-Woolley, Wash., also said Monday that autopsy results show the boy died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, as police originally believed.

The boy died Sunday morning in Sedro-Woolley, which is 70 miles north of Seattle. Shortly after, 25-year-old Trevor Braymiller fled the home with the gun the boy used, sparking a manhunt in a wooded and rural area.

The gun they believe was used was found Sunday by a Washington State Patrol explosives-sniffing dog under the stairs of a church about a half-block from the house where the child was shot that morning, the Skagit Valley Herald reported.

No shell casing was found at the scene, but there is one in the gun, indicating that the gun misfired and didn’t eject the shell, Lt. Lin Tucker said.

Police were told he went to the nearby church. A friend gave Braymiller a ride to the Big Lake community, about 5 miles south of Sedro-Woolley. The friend went to police after learning the child was dead.

Braymiller, a felon convicted of selling drugs, is not supposed to have a gun, police said. The house is well known to police, and officers conducted a drug raid there in 2011. Police have seized firearms from Braymiller in the past.

No one in the house saw the shooting, Tucker said. Also in the house at the time was the boy’s mother, a couple, another young man and a girl about 2 years old who was parented by the mother and Braymiller.

Lt. Lin Tucker said Braymiller was a father figure to the child, although not his biological father. Those who know Braymiller told KIRO-TV in Seattle Sunday they did not believe he could have shot the child intentionally.

“We’re getting a lot of input from citizens saying they would like to find this guy and beat him up,” Tucker told the newspaper before Braymiller turned himself in. “We would rather they not turn our suspect into a victim.”

— Information in the above story is from the Skagit Valley Herald and KIRO-TV.

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