Ore. school board considers random drug testing

Drug testing vials. (MGN Online, clinicalpathologylaboratories.org)
Drug testing vials. (MGN Online, clinicalpathologylaboratories.org)

PENDLETON, Ore. (AP) — The Umatilla school board is considering requiring random drug tests for students who want to participate in extracurricular activities.

drug destination, la grande, umatilla
A traffic sign shows the convergence of several highways with Pendleton, Ore., and the remote, rolling hills of Umatilla County in the background, June 17, 2003. Umatilla County is uniquely positioned for a county its size — reportedly four highways intersect within its rural boundaries, making it a haven for drug traffickers who seek both mobility and anonymity. (AP Photo/Don Ryan)

The East Oregonian reports that there aren’t any apparent problems with drugs in Umatilla schools. At the 370-student high school last year, there was only one drug incident involving marijuana on campus last year.

But superintendent Heidi Sipe says the interest in a random drug testing policy is borne out of concern over drug use off-campus.

She says the idea is to help the overall health of students. 

The program could cost $10,000.

Although school board members were receptive to a random drug testing policy, they decided they needed a period of information and opinion-gathering beforehand. Surveys will be performed and a group will be formed to explore options.

 — Information from the East Oregonian, http://www.eastoregonian.info.

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