A national park on the moon?

Super Moon from Rocky Butte
A recent "super moon" as seen from Rocky Butte. (KOIN 6 News)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Two members of the U.S. Congress are pitching an out-of-this-world idea.

They want to put a national park — on the moon.

Two Congress women have proposed the legislation to “establish the Apollo Lunar Landing Sites National Historic Park on the Moon.” The move would make the sites of moon landings part of the National historic park system.

According to the National Journal, “The move, proposed by Reps. Donna Edwards of Maryland and Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas, preempts commercial ventures or other countries that could, in theory, establish tourist traps along the remains of Apollo missions.”

Both lawmakers said they’re concerned about protecting artifacts — left by astronauts — from future commercial development.

The “National Historic Park” designation would only apply to those places occupied by American flags, lunar rovers and other American-flown objects. The moon’s surface,  so far, does not belong to the U.S. or any other nation.

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