Ore. Senate moves for predatory towing crackdown

Towing, generic
KOIN 6 News file image

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The nightmare of having your car towed may soon not be as bad as it once was.

Oregon lawmakers are working to put an end to predatory towing.

6-27-13-towing sample bill
A towing bill received by one woman featured in KOIN 6 News’ “Portland towing company’s ethics questioned,” published Dec. 2, 2011, to KOIN’s YouTube channel. (KOIN)

Sen. Jackie Dingfelder, D-Portland, said it’s unfair to force people to pay a “sizeable ransom” just to recover their car — just because they made the mistake of parking in the wrong place.

On Thursday the Oregon state senate overwhelmingly passed a House bill that would allow local governments to create the maximum fee companies can charge for towing.

The bill also forces tow companies to get annual licenses with the city or county.

On Thursday afternoon “OR Senate Democrats” tweeted the following: “Being towed is never fun, but predatory towing? This @KOINNews story is what we cracked down on today: bit.ly/1aRc784 #orleg .”

That KOIN video, “Portland towing company’s ethics questioned,” told the story of Ashley Holmquist. She left for work one morning, went to her paid-for spot at her Aloha apartment complex, and found her Jeep gone. A towing company, which worked on commission, demanded $347 to have her car returned.

Oregon House Bill 3159 would need to be signed by Oregon’s governor to become law.

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