Homeowner fumigates rats, sets garage on fire

A Gladstone homeowner fumigating rats set his garage on fire, June 24, 2013 (Courtesy: Gladstone Fire Department)

GLADSTONE, Ore. (KOIN) — A fire that caused $40,000 damage to a Gladstone home was likely started by the homeowner who was fumigating his garage to get rid of rats.

Firefighters told KOIN 6 News the object used to fumigate had a fuse and produces smoke and is typically not used in a home.

The flames took over the entire garage Monday morning, but firefighters were able to quickly put it out.

Neighbor Randy Kirkham isn’t sure if the homeowner knew what was happening.

“I’ve never heard of anybody lighting anything to get rid of rats,” he said. “If it was something that was misread or if the instructions weren’t specific enough.”

The family was not injured in the fire.

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