Portland Weather Forecast

Here is your updated Portland Weather Forecast:

Storm taps into deep moisture to bring extra rain this weekend


Get ready for a very wet weekend!  Between Saturday and Sunday, the Willamette Valley will likely see 1” to 3” of rain.  Rain totals could top 10” in the mountains.  We’ll be watching local rivers for potential flooding, especially in the Coast Range and Cascades.  After 4”-6” of snow in the Cascades Friday and early Saturday, the snow level climbs to 8,000’ late Saturday.  Heavy rain will wash away snow at ski resorts.

Steady rain arrives overnight and lasts most of the weekend.  Our models indicate a brief break Saturday evening in the valley.  Rain continues on Sunday.  It’ll be heavy at times.  Temperatures will be at least 10 degrees above average this weekend, with highs in the mid to upper-50s.

The steady rain tapers off early Monday.  We’ll be wet at times through Christmas Eve.  Christmas looks mainly dry and chilly, with highs in the low 40s.

Kristen Van Dyke | KOIN 6 Chief Meteorologist
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