Portland Weather Forecast

Here is your updated Portland Weather Forecast:

The biggest storm so far this season arrives tonight and lasts through Wednesday. It will bring strong winds and heavy rain. The system is tapping into some deeper moisture so it could bring significant rain. The front is a slow mover with coastal areas getting hit first with heavy rain likely by Wednesday morning. Coastal areas will experience peak winds overnight with decreasing wind Wednesday afternoon. The front will start to push into the Willamette Valley after Wednesday morning bringing the heavies rain for the afternoon. It will be breezy for the metro as well with gusts to 35mph+. Rain totals could be between 1 & 2 inches by Wednesday evening. Cascades won’t see much snow from this. Southerly wind keeps it fairly warm with the snow level at 8000 feet (well above passes). The gorge will see a few heavy showers with perhaps up to 3/4 of an inch of rain. It won’t be as wet east of the Cascades with scattered showers developing late.

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  • 1”-2” rain possible in the Willamette Valley
  • 2”-4” rain possible at the coast
  • We’ll be watching rivers and streams that are especially sensitive to quick bursts of heavy rain (most of these are in the Coast Range)
  • Watch for ponding and urban flooding. Trees are shedding their leaves, and tend to clog drains this time of year.
  • Burn scars (previous wildfire locations) and mountains will be susceptible to debris flows and excessive run-off
  • High Wind warning; 3 p.m. Tuesday through Noon Wednesday at the coast. We could see gusts of 60-65 miles-per-hour at the beaches and headlands.

Thursday will bring less rain, but stays wet. We get ready for the next system Friday to keep us fairly wet for the rest of the week.

Kristen Van Dyke | KOIN 6 Chief Meteorologist
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