Occupy protests Tigard Walmart construction

Planned Tigard Walmart location
This is the proposed location in Tigard for a new Walmart (April 17, 2013 | Ellen Hansen, KOIN 6 News)

TIGARD, Ore. (KOIN) — Instead of spending an afternoon working, protestors took time off to picket at the future site a 137,000-square-foot Walmart superstore in Tigard.

Occupy Lake Oswego organized this protest.

The Walmart is supposed to open in summer 2014, off Highway 217 and 99W in what’s known as “the Tigard Triangle.” Construction is expected to start next month.

As protestors see it, the store on Southwest Dartmouth Street in Tigard will be built in the heart of thriving wetlands. It also will require millions of dollars in infrastructure improvements along Highway 99W and surface streets. That’s money those at Wednesday’s protest feel will be passed on to taxpayers.

City of Tigard spokesperson Marty Wine told KOIN 6 News taxpayers won’t be paying “for the Walmart development and improvement itself.” However, she said “we’re taking the opportunity to also make local improvements that we had already planned.”

Those improvements include work on Southwest 72nd Avenue.

She said the city previously set aside $2.8 million to pay for sidewalk and intersection improvements on nearby 72nd Avenue. But Walmart, as part of its agreement, will pitch in $5.1 million for “infrastructure improvements.”

The company already has paid $40,000 for permitting costs.

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