Heightened awareness OK, hoax calls a concern

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — It didn’t take long before heightened awareness following the Boston Marathon bombing prompted numerous calls to police about suspicious items.

There was a bomb scare Tuesday night at the MAX platform near the Clackamas Town Center. TriMet service was delayed, but police found nothing.

Hours earlier, witnesses reported seeing a man placing a box on the railing of the Steel Bridge and then running off. That turned out to be an empty TriMet fare box that fell off a maintenance truck.

And earlier than that, police rushed to the offices of The Columbian newspaper in downtown Vancouver, but the suspicious package turned out to be part of a treasure hunt.

Officials don’t want to discourage people from reporting anything out of the ordinary, but they fear hoax calls could strain police resources and responses.

“Certainly, if we continue with that and get more and more, it becomes a bit challenging,” Portland Police Bureau spokesperson Sgt. Pete Simpson said. “[It takes] a lot of resources to each one of these calls.”

The concern, he said, are hoax calls.

“If we have people doing hoax devices, [it becomes] problematic and an annoyance,” he said.

So far, all the reports have turned out to not be serious.

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