Rock Creek woman saves child; grandma arrested

rochelle huegli c 040613
Deputies arrested 58 year-old Rochelle Huegli for criminal mistreatment and child neglect after an attentive neighbor saved the child from nearly drowning in a community pond.

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Washington County authorities say a woman and her dog saved the life of a toddler who escaped from an apartment and walked into a pond.

The sheriff’s office says 23-year-old Kerri Cooper of Rock Creek noticed the 2-year-old boy Friday afternoon after her dog started barking uncontrollably at something outside the window.

The water was up to the boy’s neck by the time Cooper charged into the pond and pulled the boy to safety.

The child’s grandmother, 58-year-old Rochelle Huegli, lives in the apartment complex and was babysitting at the time.

The sheriff’s office says she had fallen asleep after drinking alcohol and was searching for the boy at the time deputies were responding.

She was charged with child neglect and criminal mistreatment. The boy is back with his parents.

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