Mall shooting survivor: ‘We want gun control’

carl hay
Carl Hay survived the shooting at Clackamas Town Center (April 4, 2013)

SALEM,Ore. (KOIN) – Carl Hay was at Clackamas Town Center having coffee with his wife when Jacob Roberts walked into the mall and opened fire.

“It’s incredibly terrifying because you immediately realize your life is in danger,” he told KOIN 6 News Thursday. “It was so shocking to me at such a deep level how fast those rounds came.”

Following the tragedy, three non-profit organizations came together to create the Oregon Alliance to Prevent Gun Violence. They rallied in Salem to help convince state lawmakers to pass tougher gun laws.

Four bills are scheduled for public hearings Friday. Two of those bills are of particular interest to the group — universal background checks on all gun sales between private parties, and prohibiting guns in schools except those carried by public safety officers.

Those who support the bills say it’s just common sense. But those who oppose them say the bills are just more restrictions that won’t protect anyone.

“People that are going to disobey the law and want to shoot somebody, you can easily get a gun, you can get crack, you can get marijuana,” said Nicholas Schomus.

But Carl Hay is not dissuaded.

“I think the Oregon people want this. I think they do want gun control and I think we will prevail.”

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