Graffiti cleanup costs Portland $3M per year

Graffiti in Portland
Graffiti in the area of Southeast 33rd Avenue and Division Street. April 3, 2013. (KOIN 6 News staff)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — For people who live in the area of Southeast 33rd Avenue and Division Street, the graffiti on an empty building is more than an eyesore. It’s a sign of disrespect.

“It doesn’t show any respect for the neighborhood or for the city,” said Tom Clark of Lorentz Bruun Construction. “It’s a lot of work to clean up our signs and clean up the tagging.”

Marcia Dennis, the city of Portland’s graffiti abatement coordinator, told KOIN 6 News graffiti cleanup costs the city about $3 million every year. She suggests residents take pictures and report the tagging to the city, either through their website or at 503.823.4824.

In 2012, more than 100 people were arrested in Portland for tagging.

Property owners are responsible for cleaning it up, but for tagging on buildings Dennis said neighbors should contact the city who may be able to help with clean-up materials and advice.

The good news for residents in the area of SE Division is that the empty building will be torn down in a few months and replaced by an apartment building.

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